Address: Au Peïmarti 32170 Castex (France)
GSM Kristel: +33 785 33 27 05
  • Chambre d’Hôtes “Au Peïmarti”

  • Review 1 (translated from Dutch)

    Review 1 (translated from Dutch)

    Dear Peter and Kristel (and Cobe, Noah and Eleen), We have very much enjoyed our stay at Au Peïmarti! While your story only started here - we felt very welcome and at home - every day you write a new chapter! Thanks for the good care and good luck! Many greetings Stefan, Wendy, Jarne and Hanne Loyen - Martens
  • Review 2 (translated from French)

    Review 2 (translated from French)

    Excellent welcome from our new hosts Vrebos du Peïmarti who made this house very lively with their three chil-dren. We will be back next year! Martine Boeringer Thank you again my dear Peter for your kindness and good health to the beautiful Kristel. We tell you: “Until next year”. Alain Boeringer
  • Review 3 (translated from Dutch)

    Review 3 (translated from Dutch)

    Dear Kristel and Peter, It was a short but great stay! Spacious room, good beds. We sure slept well ... The breakfast was lovely and cozy. Great way to start the day! Even at night you cooked beautifully. Tasty duck, Kristel ... Keep up the good work and everything will come up roses. There is no doubt that you are going to make a success of this. We will surely come back! Jochen, Erika, Lander and Laurenz
  • Review 4 (translated from Dutch)

    Review 4 (translated from Dutch)

    Dear aunt Krissie & Peter, Cobe, Noah and Eleen, It was a very nice, relaxing holiday! Sunny weather, fine swimming, good sleep, good food, fun play and good time. We made nice walks and visited lovely villages with terrific, good com-pany and had fantastic breakfasts!! We sure could have stayed for another week or three. Unfortunately, good things do not last forever ... you found a great hideaway and peaceful place where you can make your dreams come true! It will turn out just fine. We wish you every success and good luck au Peïmarti. Thank you for giving us a great vaca-tion! Big hugs, Ingrid, Hans, Ayana and Ayantu
  • Review 5 (translated from Dutch)

    Review 5 (translated from Dutch)

    Had a nice holiday for 10 days. With much regret we say goodbye to a warm family who will do their utmost to pamper the guests. Nothing is/was too much! We have no negative comments, only praise. Keep up the good work!! Raf, Veerle and Viktor